Restriction of Data Collection and Storage

SB 599
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Restriction of Data Collection and Storage

Sponsor: Sen. Will Kraus, District 8

This act restricts the storage of data collected through automated license plate reader systems by government entities to 30 days after capture. This act requires entities in possession of the data to purge all records and backup copies of the data at the end of the 30 day period unless the data is subject to a preservation request for an active criminal investigation or court proceeding, is kept pursuant to a one year limited published law enforcement organization policy restricting data to detectives or system auditors after the initial 30 days, or pursuant to a warrant. This act prohibits the use of any data or evidence derived from automated license plate reader systems preserved in violation of this section from being received into evidence in any proceeding. This act also creates a class D felony for misuse of license plate reader information collected by a government entity.

The Missouri Alliance for Freedom supports this bill because it limits the size of government by placing restrictions on licenses plate reader cameras. This supports our mission of growing individual liberty and limiting government.

This bill was voted out of the Senate, but never made it to the House floor for debate.

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